Charlie Brown

With a breadth of fashion experience spanning more than 20 years in the fashion industry, vivacious California-born designer Charlie Brown made the move Down under in the 80’s, setting up her namesake brand as part of the Discovery stable in 1995. Charlie’s partnership with Avidan soon evolved to more than a business one, with the two tying the knot in 1998.

The Charlie Brown signature has always been bold, sexy, playful, beautifully constructed garments, for real women who love a touch of glamour and appreciate quality in design. Continuing to evolve the brand and her design philosophy, Charlie extends herself creatively each season, consistently delivering a unique product.

Charlie Brown’s campaigns have also showcased the famous faces of Lara Feltham, Cathy Freeman, Lady Sonia McMahon and most recently Miss Universe Australia’s Laura Dundovic as the Face of Charlie Brown.